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2015 Lewiston Sun Journal Candidate Interview
with Mike Lachance
September 9, 2015
Office Sought: Ward 7 Councilor
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Q: Why are you running for office? Why should voters select you for this job?

When I took office our Ward was lacking initiative and responsiveness on the council. Over the past two years I've listened to residents, taken action and produced results. The real rewards of being a City Councilor come from being the voice of residents and delivering those results in City Hall without selling out. I do not serve, nor do I run as a personal springboard toward a bigger career in politics or activism.

Q:With a limited budget and knowing what you know now, what would be your top spending priority among these three services: road repair, education or public safety? Why?

The fiscal demands of these three areas fluctuate from year-to-year and depending on circumstances can each represent a higher priority one year but not the next.

Q:What do you like about the city budget passed this year, and what don't you like? Was it too high, too low, just right?

We cut our borrowing by a margin not seen in decades; reducing the local taxpayers' exposure and exercising a forward-thinking approach that will help us financially for years to come. Regardless of this, our mil rate remains too high, and the School Department is faced with spending mandates which only exacerbate our problems.

Q:What about land banking? Should the city be allowed to set aside parcels for specific kinds of development, say to promote retail or housing around the river front?

In certain cases land banking can make sense. However, when the city uses taxpayer dollars to prospect and gamble on chance, oftentimes the best, most efficient use of our limited resources is lost. Authorizing the City to spend more-than-market value for properties that have not yet been marketed to the private sector is irresponsible, and giving away those properties for a dollar is reckless. Only our Government can operate in such a manner without consequence.

Q:What would you do to improve Lewiston's downtown housing stock? Should the city even be involved in downtown housing? Why do you think that?

A:Stop spending taxpayer dollars—money earned by the working class— to subsidize housing created primarily for the habitually unemployed or newly arrived undocumented foreign nationals. So long as we inhibit personal investment in housing our housing stock will continue to deteriorate. Lewiston's housing stock is a direct result of the failed experiment called 'The Great Society'. Is our Lewiston housing stock society "great" today? Perhaps we should thank LBJ.


2015 Lewiston Sun Journal Candidate Interview with Mike Lachance


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